Monday, February 28, 2011

Otago Peninsula

We went for a drive around the Otago Peninsula today in hope to see some penguins. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful other then seeing one penguin in the form of roadkill...
It only took us about 15 minutes to get to the beginning from our apartment and right away we knew it was going to be a beautiful drive. The whole time we drove we were surrounded by gorgeous landscape. We followed the narrow Portobello Rd along the coast and me still not quite being used to the other side driving I found it a little unnerving being so close to the edge.
We drove through a few small communities and past a golf course until we got to a Royal Albatross Center at Taiaroa Head (the farthest you can go on paved roads). We had a great view off the coast and of a lighthouse looking out over the cliffs.

John and I are lucky to have had the chance to see Castle Hill and Arthur's Pass while we were in Christchurch. We really loved it up there in the mountains and were sad to have to go so far away from them. But if we thought we were driving away from beauty we were wrong. The longer that we stay and the more we see here, the more we fall in love with this place.

John is at work now. His work has transferred him to the Yoobee/MagnumMac store here in Dunedin. It's very much a blessing that he didn't even have to look for work here.

Pictures of Otago Peninsula...

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