Thursday, March 3, 2011


I (Katie) just got back from a consultation at a temp agency and now have at least a short term contract set up to work all next week as a receptionist. The woman I met with seemed very hopeful in finding me a longer contract perhaps working for the University of Otago so we'll see what happens. So John and I are both officially working, so far so good.

Found a video store just down the street that rents movies for $1. Danger.
Also found a Salvation army that has drawers and drawers of knitting needles and some well priced yarn.
Not so bad for a second choice city.

Pictures of our walk on the beach by our house...


  1. What is in that last picture? Washed-up remains of an alien?

  2. Haha from far away the seaweed here looks like giant dried up octopus.