Thursday, February 17, 2011

Arthur's Pass and our first visitor..

So.. when I (John) first lived in London back in 2006 I made friends with a fellow percussionist named Ric. He's been my friend ever since. So after seeing each other in Boston on a couple occasions and a night in Dublin, he's managed to even visit me all the way over here in New Zealand. Working in Sydney for a few weeks Ric was able to take some time to come over to Christchurch. For the occasion we decided to go out and see the mountains for the first time. (Where they shot Rohan in LOTR)

Slowly but surely the landscape turned more and more beautiful the farther we went. The pictures really tell the rest. Unfortunately Ric was only here for the day but it was filled with mountains, streams, and even a trip to the beach.

In other good news I've been offered a job with the local Apple store, called MagnumMacs. I'm going tomorrow to sign papers with the manager. Who coincidentally worked at the same exact Apple store as I did when living in London a couple years ago. We didn't work at the same time but had tons of stories to share about mutual friends. Its amazing how Apple has connected me to people all over the world.

So now Katie and I are relaxing and slowly making lives for ourselves here in New Zealand. It really is a magical place.
Pictures HERE! ---->

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  1. So great to see you both and to see what you have been experiencing.
    I recognized the Watchtower of Amon Sul! Haven't read the trilogy in a couple of years, maybe this summer.
    Your apartment looks charming, perfect for two. I think I recognize John's cooking.
    It is a shock to see summer, we are still climbing over ice banks.
    Love you both