Thursday, February 24, 2011

Moving in...Again

We're now moved into our new apartment on Forbury Road, Dunedin. We're very close to grocery stores, a bus stop that has a bus run by every 15 minutes, 5 minutes from the beach and a wide open park, cafes on the pier. We're in a nice quiet spot, just far enough away from downtown, our landlord Bruce is very nice and the apartment was fully furnished.

Here are some pictures...


  1. Love the new place it looks like a beautiful area...Im sure John loves the pink...its fun:)

  2. Yeah, we kind of wish we could paint over the pink...We love this place though.

  3. Paint is pretty cheap. The labour will be free. Maybe they'll let you :)

  4. Love the place, by the way! And the view, and that you are safe:)
    Lots of love, Mom