Saturday, February 12, 2011

Flower Festival

Today is the 22nd annual Christchurch flower festival. We went to the Christchurch Cathedral sunday service this morning and heard the choir (very beautiful) and saw the floral arrangements set up all around the church and down the aisle.
I had my violin to try busking but when we left the church there was a man with an electric violin and a snazzy suit playing nice music with a large crowd around him. So since he was loud enough for me not to play in cathedral square we walked down a few blocks and I played a few fiddle tunes and made a few bucks. Definitely would be better if I could get in the square where all the tourists are.

Pics of the apartment..


  1. your new place looks much sunlight i love it and it even comes with a cute chef ;)...i wish i could come visit....

  2. haha miss you Janel :) Wish you could visit too! It's awesome here.

  3. The apartment looks great! Love the furniture. :)