Friday, August 6, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away...

So we went for a walk to find a grocery store tonight since, for once it wasn't raining, and because for breakfast we only get bread and cereal. We went to one place but it was closed by the time we got there so we ended up walking for about 35 minutes to get to a Centra grocery store where we bought eggs and cheese and juice and a bunch of other stuff.
It was so funny seeing brands that I know but with a different look. (see pic of Rice Krispies)
We missed the bus this morning, I don't ever know the time because my phone is not working and so I'm thinking I'm going to pick up a cheap watch tomorrow.
We have an orchestra concert tomorrow of all Beethoven rep, it should be fun. Rehearsal tomorrow morning at 10:30 am, then lunch, coaching at 1:30, lesson with David at 2:15, then shopping for a watch.
All we've been doing is practicing so I only have pictures of that so far! That and the grocery trip...
I also got attacked by some kind of bug while I was sleeping and woke up with many red bites on my neck! It's not very pretty...I won't post pictures of that.

Getting warmed up

Adam and Nora at rehearsal

Myself and my very professional teacher, David

Funny Rice Krispies

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