Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Finally Here

As soon as I arrived at the Montreal airport the final boarding call was being announced for my flight to London. So I ran down the seemingly endless hallway of terminals starting at 1 and having to get to terminal 56. During my rush I got a nice glance of what looked like seconds after a guy hurled all over himself and the seat and floor around him. When I ran by I got to see the expressions of total disgust on peoples faces yet they did nothing. When I got to the desk they told me I was the last person to board. I was expecting to get much more stink eye then I did but luckily people were still settling in so I didn't look like too much of a dweeb and didn't notice any glares coming my way.

I sat beside a pleasant man, Alan, who I chatted with for a while about many random things. I find music is always an easy topic to build upon and we talked about that for the magority of our conversation. I had a very unpleasant ear ache while descending on all of the flights and I can't say that I looking forward to the flights home in that sense. At the moment my right ear is plugged and I can't hear much. Apparently I just need to wait for it to pop...I've tried plugging my nose and blowing air "out my ears" but it only pops my unplugged ear. I didn't really sleep on the flight because of my ear discomfort but I slept pretty well on the 3 hour bus ride to Galway.

I am now sitting in my little private room. It looks like I will be sharing a 6 bedroom house with a bunch of girls who have not yet arrived other then Sarah and Nora who just walked in the door. I am on the ground floor where there is one other room, bathroom, kitchen and tv room. Mom was right about the plugs, BUT Nora was smart and organized and brought a converter!

My phone doesn't seem to work here so I may not be doing the texting. Stupid Bell. Always a disappointment.

Pictures to come...

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  1. That Little Fiddle Player!! Ah, music to my eyes!!
    (not ears, though).