Monday, August 2, 2010

Ireland tomorrow!

I'm starting to feel the traveling jitters. I hope I catch all my flights and arrive with all my luggage and not lose anything and be able to find the bus and find a place to exchange my canadian money for Euros and get off at the right stop in Galway and take lots of awesome pictures and make lots of beautiful music and meet awesome people and...too much to ask?
Since I only have about 40 minutes between my arrival into Montreal and my departure to London I'm going to try to get away with taking two large carry on luggage. I don't want to be totally stressed out about waiting on getting my little bag at the baggage claim when I could possibly just zip from one terminal to the next. This seems like a much less stressful plan to me.
Once in London (seven hours of, hopefully, mostly sleeping later) I'll have about three hours to kill before my flight into Dublin.
Sarah Williams, another goer of this trip, is arriving in Dublin about five and a half hours before me so if she decides to hang out in Dublin until I get there then we may take the bus to Galway together to meet Nora Pellerin, who is presently on a plane on her way there.
Havn't heard anything from Adam yet, not sure when he will be arriving but I guess we'll meet up at the residence.
I fear I've practiced more fiddle music then my own classical rep...I'm just too excited about the Irish pub music to be able to practice my Ravel Sonata and Barber Concerto!

Packing time... :)

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