Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 1 of Music Camp

There is a yellow bus that takes us to and from the residence university campus where we spend our days at the camp and back home to the Glasan Residence. Now that the camp has started all the students have arrived and many of them (those who aren't locals) are living at the residence as well. So this morning when we got on the bus at 9:00 it was so full with people and instruments that there were many people standing in the aisle. They decided that it would be helpful to have the bus run twice to the University in the morning, one at 9:00 like usual and one at 8:15. I can see why then would do that but I will be very surprised if the bus is any less crowded tomorrow morning at the 9:00 run...I'm not taking the 8:15! No way!
The first day of camp was a little unorganized while we (the teachers assistants) were struggling to find a place to be helpful and productive. Now at least we have an idea of what a day will entail and we're organizing our days so we all have something to do and also have time off to practice our own solo stuff for our lessons with David and coachings with Elise, our Pianist.
We played another orchestra concert tonight that went well. We did a Strauss horn concerto, there was a couple of brass ensemble pieces, a Vivaldi piccolo concerto and Mozart's 29th Symphony. The most interesting part was when we played through the first page and a half of the piccolo concerto when the soloist stopped everything and announced that she didn't have the right music on the stand! So she ran off the stage to find it. While she was gone the principle cellist stood up and told a funny story that he said was about this particular concerto though I think he may have been pulling our legs. It was something about a flutist playing this particular concerto for a nudist colony and they required her and her accompanists (string quartet) to be nude as well. So they decide it's worth the money and strip down to play some Vivaldi and then the curtain comes up and everyone in the audience is dressed in long black dresses and tuxes. Everyone was laughing and the ice seemed to be broken well enough when the piccolo player came back out with the right music and it all went well after that. She even got an encore and played a cute little celtic tune with a lot of trills and fanciness involved.

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