Monday, January 24, 2011

New Zealand

Finally the New Zealand trip is arriving.

Our original plan of leaving New Years Eve changed after an unfortunate complication with borer control. Forced to change our plans and leave a little more then a month later, John and I were feeling a little discouraged. The time since has felt like quite the eternity since John had to go back home to Boston and I stayed home in PEI. But now 12 days to go doesn't seem to bad. I was lucky enough to get a temp job in an office in town where I am right now. You can tell that they're keeping me really busy here...

I will be flying from Charlottetown to Vancouver on the 5th of Feb., meeting John the next day when he flies in from Boston and we'll be together for the long journey across the Pacific. About 14 hours to Aukland, New Zealand and then from there to our final destination; Christchurch.

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