Sunday, March 7, 2010

Master Class

Juliane Gallant, my former roommate, and I are playing in the Chamber Music master class tomorrow morning. We will be performing the first movement of Ravels Sonata for violin and piano. We just started putting the piece together about a month ago after finishing up our Beethoven experience with a bit of loathing and bitterness. The Beethoven Sonata we played first semester turned out to be a much bigger feat then we ever imagined to accomplished. It was very difficult to get together.
We are both much more at ease with Ravels music and are finding this semesters piece a much more pleasant undertaking.
Each semester every group is required to perform their pieces in front of the rest of the chamber music class with a Prof who coaches them and basically gives them a public lesson. That is what we will be doing tomorrow morning at 10:00.
Last semester the prof that was supposed to come coach us didn't show up for the we didn't get to have a lesson on it. And on the schedule it has a list of who coaches when and it says "tbc" in stead of a name, which I'm assuming means something like "to be considered". So I'm very much hoping that they've been organized enough to arrange for someone to come coach us. Though I won't be surprised if doesn't work out so well. Ottawa U isn't the most efficient of schools.
Now I'm off to watch a scary movie; The Decent (#2)...why? To get out of my apartment! I don't like weekends.

Katie D

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